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Approximately 400,000 individuals around the world have once been a Volunteer on Kibbutz in Israel. Most are not Jewish or had any idealogical reason to be in Israel, except, maybe, for the ideals of Kibbutz Life. 

These ex-volunteers consistently express how their Kibbutz experience remains as one of, if not their most, treasured memory in their life.  Irrespective of where in the world these people now reside, and despite the rising trend of anti-Israel opinion around them, they generally remain affectionate, compassionate supporters of Israel, even years or decades later. 

A group and page called ‘Kibbutz Volunteer Club’. has been created on Facebook.  It is a channel that has clearly been needed, making it possible for such individuals to express their positive feelings towards the country. Please visit the group and page, as well as the website www.kibbutzvolunteerclub.com to see the remarkable positivity expressed by a quickly growing membership of kibbutz volunteers from al...

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