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We Were Kibbutz Volunteers - The Book


We are happy to announce an agreement with an Israeli based publisher, to produce and distribute a souvenir book publication, later this year, exclusively about Kibbutz Volunteer Life over the past decades, as part of the commemorations of Israel’s 70th year. The plan is that the book will be published early September of this year!


The copy dead line is July 30th. It will be distributed to various tourist and book outlets in Israel, as well as within the Kibbutz Networks. 

The book, currently named ‘We Were Kibbutz Volunteers’ (part of Israel’s 70 years history), will be a collection of short stories written by ... Us. These stories, as well as our photos from over the years, will be presented in different sections, covering a number of topics, such as specific historical moments, (eg Yom Kippur war etc), aspects of kibbutz volunteer life and work, the social experience, funny memories and more. 

We are inviting you and all members of this group, as well as all subscribers via our website, to be part of this souvenir book. 


At the very least everyone can be named in the Kibbutz Volunteer Wall of Fame List within the publication. 


If you want to contribute more, now is the time to submit your stories and pictures for potential inclusion in the publication. (We also are welcoming anyone who would like to be involved in the editing process)


Please, in the first instance, email submissions to book@kibbutzvolunteerclub.com. All pictures submitted and included must be with full consent for use and accepted stories with permission to publish.

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